Calendar 2014 – 2015


The 5th and 6th grade GLADIATORS meet every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday after school until 5:00 pm.  The events listed below are scheduled events, but may be subject to change.   Special events may be added throughout the year.



September 2014:

2nd – 1st Day of Program

8th – No School – No Meeting

26th – Back to Program “Peace” Party



17th, 22nd, 23rd, & 24th – No Meeting – Minimum Day

11th – Salad Bowl in Guadalupe

20th – 24th– Red Ribbon Week

31st – Haunted House



10th – No Meeting – Veteran’s Day

21st – Safety First Event

24th – 28th – No Meeting -Thanksgiving Break



12th – No Bully Rally Event

18th – Winter Break Celebration

19th – Minimum Day – No meeting

22nd – Jan 12th – No regular meetings (Winter Break)


January 2015:

13th – Regular meetings resume

19th – No Meeting – MLK Birthday

23rd – Prescription Drug Awareness Event

27th, 29th, & 30th – Minimum Day – No Program




9th – Rancho Bowl Field Trip

16th – President’s Day – No Meeting

20th – Alcohol Awareness Event

27th – Minimum Day – No Meeting




20th – Drug Awareness Talent Show



3rd – Board Holiday – No meeting

6th – 10th – No Meeting – Spring Break

8th – Boomers Field Trip

24th – Recycle Month Event



11th – 15th – Appreciation Week Activities

25th – Mustang Waterslides Field Trip

29th – End of Year Awards Ceremony



11th – Last Day of Program

17th – End of Year Bar-B-Que Avila Beach Field Trip


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