GLADIATORS at Guadalupe Winter Parade



In the Parade In the Trailor In the Trailor 2 In the Trailer 3 Preparing the Trailer


  1. I just saw a talk by you mayor on tv. It looked like a local community events program. I thought it would be nice to contact your local historical society or maybe a teacher in the local school that would like know what guadalope was in the late 40’s. My mother moved there around 1946. She worked for Santa Barbara county schools and worked half time in gusdalope and half time on the other county schools. I went to school.there from age 6 to.9. When I was last through the town the hound I lived in was still.standing. I am a retired teacher and attorney but I still remember growing up.there, going to the broccoli field and eating the hearts of the plants. My brother and I played in the dry river.

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